Saturday, May 27, 2006

mixed signs of iranian nuclear dilemma

ali ghannadi(click here)
as well as EU incentive package descussing in western diplomatic summits,an mixed analysis for future of iranian nuclear file is developing.

some analysts argue that Germany is playing a leading role in formulating a European response to the ongoing row over Iran's nuclear this direction som analysts say that EU3 new package is sign of european promises for resolving iraninan nuclear stanoff.

Political analyst in tehran, Sadeq Zibakalam said mehr news agency that Germany’s announcement that it is prepared to accept the current level of nuclear research in Iran is a sign that Iran and Europe are interested in reaching an agreement.

Quoting government sources, the German news magazine Der Spiegel said on Monday that Germany would acknowledge Tehran’s achievements in uranium enrichment, but in return Iran would have to allow international organizations to monitor its nuclear activity.
On the other hand, Iran believes that enriching uranium to a low level (about 3.5%) suitable for the production of nuclear fuel for industrial and development purposes is its inalienable right and will not back down.

On April 11, the Iran officially announced that it had finally gained access to the technology necessary for conducting small-scale uranium enrichment and that it possesses 164 centrifuges.
also,Some two months ago, political circles close to ElBaradei quoted him as setting forth a plan that, along with Russia’s nuclear initiative, could settle the dispute over Iran’s nuclear dossier over the medium term.

The IAEA director had asked the world to recognize Iran’s right to conduct small-scale uranium enrichment activities (about 3.5%), which is what Tehran has said is its minimum demand

at the same time, some observers belives that london summit and positive view of both russia-china on one hand and EU3-US in other hand, shows creating an secret diplomacy against iran.
The European Union is seeking to convince the world that Iran’s nuclear program is not peaceful by planning to offer Tehran a package of incentives to halt its uranium enrichment program, Iranian international affairs analyst Alireza Davari said mehr new agency on Tuesday.

“Europe is pursing two goals by offering the proposal. First it wants to be able to claim that the nature of Iran’s nuclear activities is not peaceful if Iran declines the offer. Second, it seeks to convince China and Russia that the West is not seeking to deprive Tehran of a peaceful nuclear program,” he told.

“No light water reactor will be built in Iran if it accepts the package” of incentives which includes a nuclear reactor, the expert said.

as aresault,in this moment it seems some hopeful and unhopeful mixed view of future iran nuclerar dillema.


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