Saturday, April 08, 2006

future of US presence in iraq

it is some three years that first American soldier arrive in iraq,but with continue of insurgency,US still have military presence in this country.Weapones of mass destruction(WMD) that was base for miltary attack,does not exist and every day,american and iraqi public opinions increased against US military presence.Will US remain in iraq?
this article tend to answer the achivements of this article shows thatUS foreign policy elites have common agree on necessity for american troops drow down from iraq.analysis of data available in operational environment shows US tendenency for pull down its troops in near term(next one or two years).but in the same time,data analysis shows US willingness for remaining special level of its troops in iraq at least for middle or even long term.althogh it is not possible truly suppose what amount of US troops will remain in iraq,but data available about US willingness for remain some troops in iraq is confirmable.

table of context:

-teorical structure

A)behaviorical Environment

1)US policy in middle east after sept 11
2)US policy in iraq
3)Presence strategies

3-1)exit strategies
1) urgent exit
2)Timetable exit

3-2)presence strategies

-analysis of hivements in operational environment

B)behaviorical environment

iraq security context
1)vacillation of US troops in iraq
2)Functions of mlitary in front
3)geopoltics of military bases


-tables and figures


attention;the full version of the article has published in persian in last august(2005),page(A4):41
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