Thursday, April 06, 2006

Egypt parliamentary elections and muslim brootherhood silent revolution

Egyptian parliamentary elections has held in november and december 2005.muslim
brootherhoods(ikhwan ul-muslimin)achivment of 88 sits ofegyptian parliament (majlis ul-shaab)was an silent revolution and transfer of power that affect islamic movement of middle east at whole.after this event the way of westernist governments deale whit islamists movements that take power throgh parliamentary elections will be the important issue. Altough some argue that egyptian election resault and islamist empowering will challenge the process of reforms,but it appears that whole process of events will be in direct of reforms.
If ikhwan victory has been compeleted by achivement of other opposition and secularist parties,the whole process of reforms whoud be accelerated,that is true ,but ikhwan power achivement is note mean rise of in in muslim brotherhood experience in 1990s and 2000-2005 shows that this movement has achive some elements of ploralism, democracy and democratic discourse.
The article would study ikhwan delingwith mubarak regim in past five years and some aspcts of feauter senarios.the whole article is in persian in 17 page A4. To see it contct me through; (this article published in decembr 2005)


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