Thursday, June 08, 2006

IAEA:Iran Starts New Uranium Enrichment cycle after european package

nuclear iran-— A report by the U.N. nuclear agency leaked to the press on Thursday shows Iran has slowed nuclear enrichment work over the past month but continues experiments with the technology that world powers fear might be misused to make nuclear arms.

The confidential report, which was circulated among the International Atomic Energy Agency's 35 member nations, also indicated that nuclear inspectors have made little progress on clearing up other worrying aspects of Tehran's past nuclear activity.

Specifically, the three-page report said Iran still had declined to answer requests to clarify statements by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that his country had experimented with advanced centrifuges that speed up enrichment,

Iran also has refused to provide extra information on a document showing how to compress fissile material into the shape of warheads, said the report. As well, it declined requests for key interviews of nuclear officials linked to potentially worrying finds by IAEA inspectors, and had not met additional requests for more information on an experimental enrichment project and tests and documents that could heave nuclear weapons applications.

A senior U.N. official familiar with the report, who demanded anonymity in exchange for discussing its confidential contents, said it contained nothing that significantly hardens or diminishes concerns about its nuclear ambitions since the last IAEA report in late April.

at same time bloombering report that Iran began making a new batch of nuclear fuel on the same day that the European Union formally presented a package of incentives for the country to suspend its atomic work, the United Nations nuclear agency reported.
The confidential report from the UN nuclear agency was made available to The Associated Press and was circulated among 35 countries.

Among its other findings is that nuclear inspectors have made little progress on clearing up other troublesome aspects of Iran's past nuclear activities.

Iran began feeding uranium hexafluoride gas into a 164- centrifuge cascade on June 6, stated a 3-page International Atomic Energy Agency report seen by Bloomberg News
The centrifuges, which revolve at around 400 meters per second, had been spinning empty since the end of April, said a senior United Nations official with knowledge of the IAEA's Iran investigation. The official requested anonymity because the report hadn't been formally presented to the IAEA board. Once they have been started, stopping the centrifuges can risk damaging the equipment.
The United Nations' nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, is expected today to issue an updated report on Iran's uranium-enrichment activities.
In advance of the report's release, the United States on June 7 said that Iran must suspend uranium enrichment throughout any negotiations with major world powers on Iran's nuclear.
source:bloombering,fox news,
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