Thursday, June 22, 2006

Russian, American Public Hold Opposite Views on Punishment to Iran — Poll

Created: 22.06.2006

--Russians and Americans have nearly polar opposite opinions on whether, and how, to punish /mn-files/iran.shtml - profile/mn-files/iran.shtml - profileIran if it continues to produce nuclear fuel despite international pressure to stop, a released poll, which questioned more that 1000 respondents in April, shows.

According to the poll, quoted by Iran News Internet daily, only 23% of Russians favor economic sanctions, whereas 68% of Americans think some form of trade or sales embargo against Tehran is appropriate.

On the flip side, when asked whether the United Nations Security Council should still negotiate even “if Iran continues to produce nuclear fuel that could be developed for use in nuclear weapons,” 62% of respondents in Russia said “yes,” while 26% of Americans opined that there was nothing more to talk about, according to the poll.

The poll was jointly carried out by the independent Yuri Levada Institute in Russia, and the World Public Opinion Institute in the United States.
Source:moscow news
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