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Likely allow small-scale enrichment,if iran halted

“Low speak diplomacy” works
Ali ghannadi
Nuclear iran-World powers likely accepting Iranian small-scale enrichment in his own soil and are asking only for suspension during talks on Tehran's nuclear program, diplomats said in Vienna Wednesday.

After iran initial positive position on EU3 package ,another sign of likely agreement between sides emerging as European diplomats said that Iran would be allowed to carry out uranium conversion - a precursor to enrichment - if it agrees to multinational talks.
Such changes to long-standing international demands on enrichment are important, because they signal possible readiness to accept some limited form of the activity.
Diplomats have told the AP that Germany - which participated in drawing up the six-nation package of perks and punishments meant to ultimately wean Iran off enrichment - has been advocating that Tehran be allowed such activity on a small scale.

Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency, has backed that view, arguing that Iran was unlikely to give up its right to such activities now that it has already been successful in small-scale enrichment
Iran announced on April 11 that it had enriched uranium for the first time, using 164 centrifuges. Still, the country would need tens of thousands of centrifuges to produce adequate fuel for a nuclear reactor or material for a warhead.

Those advocating that Iran be allowed to do research and development on enrichment say it is better to permit it an internationally supervised program on a small scale and try to gain agreement from Tehran that it will not develop a large industrial program.

Iran has said it intends to move toward large-scale enrichment involving 3,000 centrifuges by late 2006 and 54,000 centrifuges after that, but it has also indicated it might suspend large-scale enrichment to ease tensions.

US -iran signs of flexablity
At same time, U.S. President George W. Bush said on Tuesday he was encouraged by Iran's initial response though he tempered his remarks with caution.
"It sounds like a positive step to me," Bush told reporters in Laredo, Texas. "I have said the United States will come and sit down at the table with them as long as they're willing to suspend their enrichment in a verifiable way."
Previous to this position, Iran gave a cautious reception on Tuesday to the international proposal, saying the offer contained "positive steps" but also "ambiguities".
While Some obsorvers see new US president position as ”low speaking diplomany” for attracting china and Russia support,others says it is an initial change in US policy toward iran.
China's People's Daily called it "a tactic adjustment" forced on Washington by the fact that "the U.S. threat to 'resort to military force' is no longer credible amid declining American support for the Iraqi war."
In contrast, James Phillips, Middle East analyst at The Heritage Foundation, calls it Iran's "One Last Chance," presumably to avoid a military confrontation.
While level of shifting US policy toward iran is not measurable ,also it seems some positive signs from iranian officials.

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Larijani here Wednesday recommended the US to revise their former approach to prepare the grounds for talks.
In an interview with the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagblat, he referred to the US past blunders and said that if they revise their attitude, there will be no obstacle to holding talks with Iran.
"The US should first select the way, given that we are on the threshold of making an important decision. There are two choices and paths.
"One way for the US is to continue the path it has selected and use the international bodies as tools of power, which will make Iran respond in a similar way. Then holding talks will make no sense," he added.
Larijani said that the second choice will be adopting a reasonable approach and as the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said, they should accept their past mistakes.
After Solana delivers West's proposed package of incentives for Iran, Hear in Tehran some observers see Iranian positive position as readiness for likely halting enrichment activity.
it seems low speak diplomacy work better ,if continue.
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